Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Engine Fortegue : More annoying than 1,000 Bicks.

If I had the power to permaban one person, it would be Engine Fortegue. The reason I would give for the leper's colony would be 'suicide', as I will be really really careful about not leaving any incriminating evidence near his lifeless spastic husk.

Let me introduce you to this terminally attention seeking faggot.

Engine Fortegue was first noticed as a BYOB poster when replying to forum poster settes' joke 'hey guys im cutting myself i might die bc of it (pics)' thread. Out of the blue, this shining example of rational thought offered to cut himself in return for an avatar certificate. Lovesauce took him up on the offer, telling Jordan that the cert would be his if he carved his username into his wasted flesh.

He complied, and the result can be seen to the right of this line of text --->

This mutilation was nothing compared to the obvious mutilation that he experienced upon his genitals, as further photographs displayed what can only be described as a bastardisation of the penis. Few expected this particular horror, and god only knows how this terrible accident occurred, but occur it did.

So there we have it. Engine Fortegue. The man, the poster, the biggest faggot to ever post on the somethingawful forums.

Please, for the love of God. Release him from his misery. Ban him, and never let him return.

Thank you, and goodnight.



BICK said...

why you gotta hate on a nigga like that

BLICK said...

oh just to clarify i meant myself. fuck engine forfagadoo

a said...

wtf is this. go start a helldump blog or something if you're going to make callout posts and leave this shit out of here.

(*)ÇÄT§ HÄV£ 9 LÏV£§, P£ÖPL£ HÄV£ 1, M£§§ WÏTH BYOB & Ü'LL HÄV£ NÖN£!(*):P said...

If that is the case, I hearby resign from the BYOB Blog.

BABY HOBO! said...

Hey folks. Baby Hobo here. Just wanted to inform the people in this comments section that the Helldump Blog (for which I also contribute) already has an Engine Fortegue callout post, so it seems to me that BYOB Blog is an appropriate venue for an Engine Fortegue callout post of our own. Cheers!

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