Sunday, October 21, 2007

inFamous Yobster "Karl Bartos" Needs Held from Fellow Goons, Says inFamous YobBer "Karl Bartos"

Hello! This is Lamptree "Karl Bartos" Walldorf", inFamous yobster and blogger. I'm here to call upon my fellow goonkin to help me out of a stressful situation. Unfortunately, as you may know, I have been permabanned. Yes, it's true. The Yob has been in an uproar over the rash decision by forum senior administrator Richard "Lowtax" Kayanka. I will be the first to say that while the decision was harsh, I will not argue with it.

You see goons... I was caught up in some dirty business. You have heard me preach about the terrors of trolling and fakeposting but something I overlooked was account sharing. Especially with atheistic youths. It is another pitfall of modern day internet forum membership. In short: Don't do it.

Now I call upon you, my fellow goonkin. I need help. There is no possible way i can continue to update you on the new you need here at byob blog if i am without access to the internet forum "byob". Will you help me? Buy me an account and you will be repaid in amazing threads, replies and blogging.

I will not plead. I will not beg. I only ask of you kindly.

Thank you
Karl Bartos
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