Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BYOB Blog Takes a Vacation

Hey, Bloggers and Blogger fans!! It's your blogger Buddy Lamphry "Karl Bartos" Walldolf here! I just wanted to drop a line all the way from the beachs of the Jersey Shore where I am on vacation with Baby Hobo, ByobBlob, Notagoon, and Byobz0r. We have been having just as much work time as leisure time! We have been discussing what direction we want the Byob Blog to go in as well as having some fun and taking in some of the last summer rays still catchable!

So far we have determined that while we may be talented and dedicated to what we do, we can't do it all alone! We need your help, Blog readers!!! We ask you to do your best to comment on Articles and give us feedback on where you think we, as the writers and editors of the blog should go in! We are a Blog/News Feed for the People! We wan't as much involvement as possible and want to provide you with the Byob news you need to improve the quality of your forums and blog experience!

Go ahead and, if you like, leave some comments and suggestions in the "comments" section of this update! But remember! Continue to do so to make this the highest quality blog out there that focuses on the the Forum's Community "Byob".

Well, thats all the time this pay by the minute computer has alloted me the 30 second buzzer is going off!!

So Remember, readers! Stay active in your Forum and Forum Blog community! It is the only way to make BYOB and Byob Blog the most entertaining and relia
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