Friday, August 24, 2007

russ sends birthday pm to byob posters

russ sent this birthday pm out to a number of byob posters. what could he have planned?

thread 2

exilechamp and handre both probated for a month

a horse of course decided that exilechamp and handre both needed a month long break from the forums for mod sass. exilechamp went down first with this post followed by handre with this post. handre's probation was due to him claiming that the probation of exilechamp was unfair.

bick continues to get assaulted in helldump

after a recent goof by bick, who accidentally posted a thread in helldump, there has been a 'we love you bick' thread in helldump that is still active.


whopkins voluntarily gets hit by a bus

the ban bus that is

calvin coolidge gets an unban whopkins post in right after


the byob blog

this is the byob blog. if you want to be a contributer send an email to and you might be added. you can always go by a different name on the blog if you do not want to go by your username

good contributers will get sa gift certs. if you are invited and spam the blog or post crap you will be removed.
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