Monday, August 27, 2007

Monthly Troll Crew Report

Good day gentlemen,
I am a longtime member of Troll Crew, in order to protect myself from being thrown out of the highly respected crew I have chosen to use a pseudonym for my posts on this blog. I assure you that I have great insight into Troll Crew matters. Let's start by taking a look at what's been going on this summer.

With many of the more prominent trolls gone on vacation it seems like the self-proclaimed leader of Troll Crew, Kauka, has chosen to spend his time building a database filled with quotes from the forums. The link to the database was given only to members of Troll Crew and it was believed to be just a rumour and not real until Marxux posted the link in a thread not too long ago.

Zuu took a small vacation from trolling and being generally grumpy during the summer. Allegedly he spent his time practicing his right indexfinger in order to become even better at firstposting.

Speth, now called Necrololicon, changed his postingstyle into a more pogue-like one. Increasing the level of LOTR-fiction integrated into his posts he has become an interesting mix between Russ, Oldschool Speth and a Faggot.

Occupy Japan, one of the funnier trolls in BYOB, became mod for a short while. After going insane with power and running several prominent glompers out of BYOB he was demodded and promptly stopped posting much like Shivadas did.

Karsten, nobody cares about you.

Marxux spent his summer doing even more drugs than usual. This gradually made him lose his mind and he recently autobanned.

That's all for now. Until next time, remember, better a troll in your forum than 10 glomps in your thread.

BYOB's Beloved Paterfamilias, Old Jeff, Vlogs It Up

What Generation gap? I had the exact same reäction to that video! Haha...

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