Saturday, August 25, 2007

handre gets off early

looks like handre got off early. somebody did not agree with ahoc's decision. exilechamp on the other hand is still on probation.

BRACKING NEWZ: a horse of course demodded

Because of "stupid huge ass avatars". Will the horse be replaced?


Large Avatar Watch

Leningrad and now Planimal are sporting avatars that FLAGRANTLY flout the vertical dimension rules for avatars. See any more examples on non-mods? Tell us!

Bick Loves BYOB Blog

Bick's giant eyebrows let BYOB know late yesterday that he " just CANT stop reading it!!!"

It seems BYOB Blog is on its way to a Pulitzer!

bum the sad banned again

bum the sad was banned by csa today for his comments about the jews. apparently, csa decided to ban bum for his remarks. bum has a long probation and ban history and this was not really surprising.


She's Got Sauce Leads Anti-Russ Charge

Bad blood? Or just fakepost?


Russ claims "91 PMs Sent"

Russ jokingly claims this is because he was born in '91 (presumably meaning 1991)

Russ' Birthday Thread Goes As Planned

28 people chill.

(no gifs allowed)
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