Sunday, August 26, 2007

New smiley....Russ isn't happy....

Byob legend Craig "Russ" Russel (not black -Ed) has expressed his distaste and confusion at the new ':rodimus:' emote in true Russ neo-fakeposting style. His thread title, using overblown and old fashioned comic book style language (*Gasp* etc.) profeesses his love of the new emoticon, which as we all know with Russ, means he hates it.
Here is the smiley in question. As best as I can make out it is merely a modification of the pedophile emote already in use, with the teddy bear replaced with an autobot (possibly Optimus Prime?-Ed) and the child is now holding money (shown by a line with a '$' at the end pointing at the green paper in his hand).

What does it mean? Perhaps Russ knows, but we're not holding our breath...

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