Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just got back from BYOB...

Mood: Apathetic

Talk about a rough day, .....oh yeah, also something's been bugging me. With only one mod in charge part of me worries what kind of rule there can possibly be when CSA is offline. Don't get me wrong, he's doing a great job, but he's only got one brain, and one point of view on what byob is and where it's headed. He might make a decision about BYOB but thats just, like, his opinion, man. Meh... I guess it will all work out for the best.
Back to my rough day. I was yobbing away (in the parlance of our time) like there was no tomorrow, and I realised all the joy had gone out of it. I mean, a 3 page thread about how keytar players are gay? Seriously? Its just like the empty hole in my heart.
50 people have got stoned since I last checked the thread yesterday. Jesus guys, give it a rest.

And another thing, what happened to the HELP tag? I mean, its bright fucking yellow, it stands out, you'd think people would use it more! Then again, perhaps in today's byob staying under the radar is a wise thing to do. Stick your head over the top of that trench and WHAM. trolled.



Karl Bartos said...

hey man, i feel you on all these issues.

i'm afraid to post my pic anhymore because the trolls are just haing a field day under CSA's "modship" if oyu can even call it that. he may have the star next to his name but not next to his heart.

i'm planning on blogging all my ill feelings on the yob later today.

but thanks for this, man... really.

Grum said...

csa is a she dude

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