Sunday, August 26, 2007

BYOB Blog Not Ruined

"Byob Blog is NOT ruined" say's forums poster and Byob Blog Contributer, "Karl Bartos".

"The fakeposting has gotten out of hand, thats for sure. I'm here to make sure that the genuine interest of the continuation of making our forum a safe place to hang out and fun place to socialize continues forward." He continue's; "Two steps forward, one step back is my motto. I know things seem vice versa in today's yob, but us posters out there who care about the well being and emotional vibe of the forum will continue to fight to ward off enemies".

Hello, I'm Karl Bartos. You may know me from my position as an "all the time" crew poster from the internets "byob". As many of you know I have always been a large supporter of the glomp crews, skype crews, and first name crews. I think they are wonderful devices that allow us to bond with each other from across the world in a fellowship that can't be found irl (in real life) though I view myself as an (I)Independent in the ever-shifting political climate of today's yob.
Unfortunately I have also tried my hand at fakeposting crews and troll crews as well. I got out fast. I didn't like the way it made me feel. The life of a fakeposter or troll is full of shame and fear. There is a void they try and fill with lies, deciet and well placed razzing (also known as "burns") of other forum's posters. Many of these people will try and wrangle in as many unknowning by standers into their web of lies. Make them believe the fantasy they have created. Making it so the victim invest's emotional energies as well as time into something that is based on false pretenses.
I am going to focus on fakeposters right now because that is the plague that I am trying to keep from striking byob blog, a so far safe haven for the formentioned crews and those who wish to remain recognized independently.
I have been a victim of fakeposting many times. I know how it feels when you realize you invested your heart and soul into someone you felt was genuine only to come to the realization it was all a dirty trick. I know the low places that can take you. At first I struck back by playing with the same fire that the fakeposters them selves are tormented with. It did the same to me. I felt it burn away at my soul, my goodness. I did not like it so i got out before it went to deep. Today I am an avid supporter of ridding Byob of all fakeposters and trolls. These crews or select individuals have no place in what should be a chill place to hang.
Some have cried out that "Byob Blog is ruined!" As the quotes of Karl Bartos, who is me, claim above this is not so. The fakeblogging may have already made it's way onto this board but that doesn't mean that it isn't too late to fight back. I plead to my fellow yobbers to do what you must to rid the forum and this board of fakeposters. It is spreading like wildfire and may seem cool or like it is the in thing. It is not. It is a plague on all forums. It only hurts people and has alreayd endangered this board from serving its main purpose of keeping detailed updates of interesting news and events that take place in the forum "byob". Let's try and keep it that way. I, for one, will fight! I will fight to make this the best blog about a forum on the net today. Fakeposting will take that away from us. It will tear us apart.

I have devised a short list to make sure you follow when determining a fakepost. This way you can out the faker and the post and the poster can be delt with accordingly.

*Consitency: does the post/blog remain consistent with previous blogs/posts by the user? you may have to watch over a prolonged period of time

*Sarcasm: become a sarcasm detective. Once you get a feel for it you will be able to spot most sarcasm

*History of fakeposting: does the user have a history of fakeposting? Yes, people can change like i did, but you still have to be careful for a long time. Fakepost relapse is not a requirement but it is REALITY

That is the starting guide to dectecting fake post/blogs and fake poster/bloggers. It isn't hard but sometimes it isnt easy. I hope all my fellow forums users who earnestly want to see an end to fakeposting, the fakeposting that has brought down byob and could endanger this SERIOUS (i cant stress this enough) SERIOUS blog, to come to and end.

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i'm glad you take an interest in my mission to make rich's and every other true yobber's dream a reality

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hmm interesting?

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Karl I applaud this article, and I found myself agreeing with many of the points you made. Good show, I'm proud to be a contributor on the same blog as you.

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